Monday, January 7, 2013


Looking for Santa with their Santa/reading lights from LL Bean

 About once a month we help out at a local soup kitchen.  We went the Thursday before Christmas to help with the Christmas party.

Reece's writing assignment and picture that hangs up at the soup kitchen...

 Handing out song programs to do Christmas Carols.

 Lots of fun at the soup kitchen...hanging with of the other volunteers at the soup kitchen.
 His expressions while opening presents are the best...He is saying Bat"CAVE" (Christmas Eve, from Grandma)
 Toothbrushes in their stockings.

 Brody opening his DS.
 A new dance outfit.
 He is so excited about the super man shirt he picked out
 More excitement - A pirate ship heres the story with the American Girl Doll.  Several months ago, while doing the nutcracker, Reece really started wanting an American Girl doll.  Most of the girls brought theirs to the practice as there is a part in the nutcracker where they get to dance with their dolls.  So we told her that when she turned 6, instead of having a party, we would take her up to the store on the train, and she could pick one out.  She was totally fine with this.  In the mean time, she decided on the doll that she really wanted and that was Kit.  Before she didn't know what doll she wanted and she was excited about going up and picking one out.  Also, she had absolutely nothing on her Christmas list besides dumb informercial things.  All she asked Santa for was two movies.  So I got to thinking about it...I told Brock that it would be a huge surprise to her if we just got it for Christmas since she knew what doll she wanted.  She had been telling everyone that in April when she turned 6, she would get to go to the store and get her.  And since Brody was getting a big gift (the DS), I told him I'd rather get her something she really wanted for that same price instead of a bunch of little junky things.  So I talked to my friend who was going up the week before Christmas and had her get the doll for me.  I picked it up and wrapped it a couple of days before Christmas.  It was a huge surprise.  We will still take her in April and she can take Kit and pick out an outfit, etc for the doll!
Reece opening Kit.
 She almost fainted on the box!

 Christmas at Mimis
Singing happy bday to Jesus

 Boys and their stockings.
 The boys all got big remote control monster trucks.  They can take them to this store in Branson (where the condo is) and have them upgraded...update wheels, chrome, stickers...etc and make it their own.  Should be a fun thing to do with Brody this summer.
Christmas was great!

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