Monday, January 7, 2013

Update on Reece

I gave an update on Reece's schooling in a previous post so I will update other things on this post.  
Since Reece wasn't going to have an official Kindergarten picture, I decided to take some for her.  I have been taking a few family families photos this fall also, just on the side.  I found this cool place to photos so while Brody was at school, Reece and I checked it out.  Then we went on a field trip to vote!

She is so use to me taking her pictures, she does pretty well with posing and smiling.  

 She said she wanted to pray...

Reece also lost her first tooth...she was excited to have daddy pull it but was kind of freaked out by the little amount of blood that came.  She is saving her money for American Girl doll stuff that she is all of a sudden obsessed with.  She has a couple more teeth that are ready to be pulled!
 Reece also got her very first black eye the day after she lost her tooth.  So she was looking pretty good in public for awhile!  She and her brother were horsing around and she fell and hit her eye on the corner of a bench!  It looked horrible for almost 2 weeks!
 Reece was in the Nutcracker.  She had practices every Saturday and then the week after Thanksgiving they had practice every night (late)...then 2 performances on Friday, 1 on Saturday, and one on Sunday.  She was a Seigh Fairy...pictured below...
 And an angel...pictured below.
 This was a special time for her and her friend Eliana as they don't see each other very much with school in session.
 Loved their little bun heads!

 These were the ornaments she made for all her little friends in the Nutcracker.
 Even our Elf Ralphie supported her and wished her good luck for the performances.

It was a lot of make up, hair, and practices, but she had so much fun and is already talking about going out next year.  

 A week after the Nutcracker, she wanted to get all her hair cut off.  She is obsessed with the American Girl doll, Kit and wanted to look just like her.  I think it was about 10 inches off and the hair was donated.



Reece is still loving tap dance and will have a recital in the Spring.  She really likes Sparks (Awana) and finished her whole book before Christmas break.  So she will just have to review the book for the rest of the year.  She is doing great!

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