Monday, January 7, 2013

Updates and more

The reason I haven't updated the blog in nearly 3 months is because I have reached my limit of the photos I can upload.  So I had to upgrade my blog so that I would have enough capacity to upload more pictures.  So I have a lot to update!  We have also been sooooo busy with school, nutcracker, tap dance, and Awana.  It's been crazy. 

School has been going well at home still!  I can't believe we are over half way done with Kindergarten.  Reece is up to reading 19 of her books, currently she is reading 4 of those a day.  Each week she starts a new one but I have her review the ones she has already done in the past.  She is also doing around 100 sight words. I was having her do these daily but it was becoming way too much and she was getting frustrated.  So I divided them up and she does half of those along with her 4 to 5 books.  She knows her address, her phone number, and is learning to tell time.  She is learning so much and is so neat to see.  She has also completed over 200 worksheets (this includes science, writing, math, and lanuage arts)!  She has actually completed all the worksheets I had for her for the year (some of these were out of a 1st/2nd grade book) I am either going to repeat them again or start with some fun games/crafts that go along with what she has already learned.  I am thinking I will go with the latter because I can tell she thought it would be more fun.  I kind of did too but I think I focus so much with the getting the academic stuff done, that we end up not having time for the fun stuff. 

Based on the rate that we are going, we should be done mid April.  I will still have her continue to do writing, reading, and a few other things through the summer.  We haven't really taken any breaks.  She had Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off but we did stuff on the other days - maybe not full curriculum but we still did some stuff.  She is getting ready to start her cursive handwriting book which I think she will really enjoy.  That is about it with the homeschool updates.  All the other updates I will do in separate posts.

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