Monday, January 7, 2013

Update on Brody

Since Brody has turned 4, he has turned into a handful.  He has always been my more obedient, sweet child and now he has learned to climb on top of things, make big messes, and talk back.  He is quite funny and always has us in stitches.  He is very sweet and says things like "mom, you look gorgeous today" or "you look adorable" can tell he has an older sister.  He loves playing with her and is pretty good about following her "rules".  He is really enjoying preschool.  He is learning a lot of good things and I love to see him grow.  I am finding out he is more of an auditory learner...He can be in the corner of a room banging a truck together, but still listen and answer (correctly) questions to just about any story.  But when I try the letters with him (visual), he doesn't know them.  Next year he will go to Sharing Tree Preschool which is where Reece went last year.

He is active in Cubbies and earning all his patches.  He also got to go hunting with daddy this year which he loved!  He is a really big help around the house.  He loves doing chores and helping me with things.  He makes his bed and feeds his fish every morning now.  His most favorite thing is being outside - warm or cold - he wants to be out there.  He loves driving his power wheels - especially the 4 wheeler.  He even asked Santa for a real 4 wheeler this year and had his heart set on it.  We tried to tell him that Santa said he was too young and that he'd have to settle for a Nintendo DS which has a 4 wheeler game on it.  He has loved playing games on Reece's leap pad, daddy's phone, and the Ipad so we knew he would enjoy having his own. Maybe someday he will get the 4 wheeler!  I am sure daddy would love a riding parther!

Brody made an ornament that didn't make it home from school without breaking...but it is sure cute.  He was really sad that it broke.  The note inside says what he wants for Christmas "Green 4 wheeler".

 Coming in from the cold and hanging up his coat and hat...nice hair, bud!
 Look at that sweet face!  Cold, rosey cheeks!!
Getting a look at his crazy hair.  He said "I look like a cool dude"

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