Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reece turns 6!

Reece turned 6 on April 5th.  Her dad and I took her to Chicago on the train to go to the American Girl doll store.  She had saved her money so she could spend it at the store (we gave her money for her birthday along with the other money she had saved).  It was a good lesson to go through the magazine before we left so she could see how much stuff cost and make a list of things she wanted.  Once she figured out how much stuff was and what kind of stuff she could buy around here (Target and Toys R us), it was very easy for her to make a choice.  She really wanted another doll so Kit would have a friend and she wanted to get Kit's ears pierced (since she has to wait 2 more years).  That pretty much covered all she had to spend. 

We had a packed day started at 7:30am train departure.  We hit the American Girl doll store first...Reece got to take her first cab ride! Next we went to the Lego store and walked around the malls.  Then we grabbed lunch at Ginos East.  After that we got some cupcakes to-go from "Sprinkles".  Then we went to the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower).  Then we went to Panera and ate our cupcakes and took a break from all the walking.  We did a little bit more shopping then made or way back to the train station...but not without hitting Garretts Popcorn!  The train left around 7pm.  Reece was a trooper...never complained the whole time!

Taking Kit to see all her friends

 Reece with her new doll Saige - Girl of the year 2013
 Willis Tower

 Sprinkle Cupcakes!
 Breakfast on the train
 Writing on the wall at Ginos

Then on Sunday the 21st, she got to celebrate with her two girl cousins that also have birthdays in April. 

Reece with her own cake on her actual birthday. 

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