Friday, May 6, 2011

Dr Oz - Top 10 Daily Essentials

I have been watching Dr Oz while the kids nap as opposed to Dr Phil or any of the other talk shows...they are all getting so tacky!  I think Dr Oz is pretty much the only thing I watch these days (sometimes the Doctors too).  Anyway, he shared a top 10 daily essential list the other day that I thought was worth sharing.  He says being healthy can be very overwhelming when we try to remember all the things we need to remember.  So he gave a top ten list...saying that if you just do these every day, it should be enough!

Top Ten Daily Essentials - do these EVERY DAY unless otherwise noted.

10) Eat a hard boiled egg - any egg really but these are best for you and great for people on the go.  Boil a dozen on Sunday so you have them for the week to take with you wherever you go (I ate one in the car yesterday)

9) Check your poop (yep...).  The color should never be white and it should be S shaped.  At mininum you should "go" 3 times a week as long as you aren't uncomfortable and there hasn't been a change in your routine

8)  Make 1/2 of every meal with vegetables

7) Take 1/2 of your multi vitamin in the morning and 1/2 a night.  This will stabilize your dose throughout the day.  (Note: small intestine absorbs most of the vitamin)

6) Supplement with bone boosting - 1000 Vitamin D (if you do not have enough of this, you will not make the most of your Calcium); 600 Calcium; 400 magnesium (helps with the constipation you might get with the calcium)

5) Get at least 7 hours of sleep - how to sleep faster/better - read a book (not the computer - the bright light does not help you sleep); turn alarm clock light away from your face/eyes; wear an eye mask

4) Sex...not only does it connect you with your spouse and is good exercise, it gives you interconnectedness in your brain - new connections

3) Breathe and stretch for 5 minutes

2) Eliminate Simple Sugars (white or processed - get rid of it!).  Look for HFCS or Brown rice sugars and get rid of them...there was one other he mentioned but I didn't get the whole name - I have evaporated cane?? not sure if that is correct

1) Sit less and move more - sitting is actually bad for you!

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