Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dress up station

Reece and Brody love to dress up and have accumulated quite a few dress up items from garage sales, Christmas and birthday.  Halloween has peaked their interest even more.  I had rigged up this shower curtain thing so that we could hang the clothes and used an old cart to put some of the items in.  It was taking up a lot of space and just looked messy.  So I searched online (mainly pinterest) to come up with a new plan for their dress up items.  I found that I had an old white cabinet that I was using in the basement/craft area for party supplies and random things, that would be pefect for a closet-type dress up station.

Here is what it looked like before:

White cabinet with sewing and party items...
 Dress up clothes on shower rod, shoes on the floor, accessories in white cart (MESSY)
 Hats and other things in the orange basket.
Here is what it looks like now:
 I found these tin buckets in my party supplies.  I had the purple paint already.  Bought command hooks and spray painted everything purple.  Used scrapbook stickers to label the buckets.  This smaller one is for dress-up rings...
 This medium sized one is for bracelets, watches, and other things like sunglasses...
 I took all the shelves out of the cabinet but this bottom one.  I took old gift boxes and wrapped them with paper that I already had.  One for purses and one for hats and things...
 Brock installed this wooden pole/doll rod and the shoes are all lined up on the bottom.
 This fairy bucket was something she got for Easter a couple of years ago.  I put the neckelaces, wands, and some wedding flowers in it.
Found a white mirror on clearance for $5 at Meijer and spray painted it with the purple paint. Used command strips to stick it to the side.
The kids can't get all the clothes down or the taller buckets but I wanted it this way. I figured this way she had to either ask to get it down or work for it...which would hopefully make less of a mess!  You could do something similiar using an old dresser and taking the drawers out or making one from scratch.  See pinterest for other ideas!

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