Friday, July 17, 2015

Fit Tip Friday - Whey Protein vs Pea Protein

Whey vs. pea protein

I get asked this question all the time - what is the difference between whey protein and pea protein?  Shakeology has both!  

Whey can be harder on the liver when used in excess and in my opinion makes me feel more bloated and well...gassy!  That is why I switched to Vegan Shakeology.
Whey protein
Whey protein is one of the two major groups of proteins found in milk. Only 20 percent of milk's protein is whey. The rest is casein, which is the protein that triggers most milk allergies. This is why whey protein would be a way for people with allergies to get dairy protein into their diets. It's typically sold in powder form, as either whey protein isolate or whey protein concentrate and is a popular supplement for athletes and fitness fanatics.
Whey protein essentially helps your cells to grow, replace and repair themselves. The body naturally produces proteins on its own, however, other amino acids must come from dairy protein. Whey protein provides all nine amino acids and is easy to digest. Most whey protein is low-fat or fat-free, and the amount of protein you need varies based on body type and nutritional needs.
What is it best used for?
The uses for whey protein can vary greatly. Whey protein is commonly used among athletes for improving muscle strength and body composition. One of the reasons that whey protein stands above all others when it comes to bulking up is due to one ingredient: Leucine. Leucine is an amino acid that must be obtained through foods and plays a significant role in the maintenance and repair of muscles. 
Pea protein
Pea protein is a natural plant-based protein that is derived from yellow peas, also known as split peas. This protein is highly soluble and easy to digest. This is a perfect protein for vegetarians and vegans who can't get their protein from animal products. It has the ability to supply the nine essential amino acids that cannot be naturally produced by the human body.
What is it best used for?
Pea protein can be used for a variety of reasons including muscle growth, weight loss, and for those who are vegetarians or vegans and are looking for a way to get more protein into their diets. Scoop some pea protein powder into a post-workout smoothie to build muscle, use it as a meal replacement if you're looking for some extra protein or are wanting to shed those pounds. 

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