Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Transformation Tuesday - This time it's me!

Transformation Tuesday (befores are on the left)!! A month ago a joined a little friendly competition of some other coaches who were wanting to stay committed to their health and fitness journeys through the holidays. I just sent my before and afters in to qualify me for the cash prize 😄
While I did not lose one single pound, you can see a transformation here with more defined muscles. Flatter abs...stronger back to name a couple. And I can say I maintained my weight through the toughest season of the whole year - the holidays! Most people gain 7 to 15lbs! Could I have done better? Yes! I could have dialed in a little more on my nutrition but I made a choice to indulge and enjoy the holidays a little. The next 30 days as I complete this program, I am going to make better food/drink choices and hope to see even better results.
These results are for the program Hammer and Chisel and completing the first 30 days. Before this program, I was a cardio junkie. I like the high from cardio and I like the weight loss I personally see from cardio. But this program made me actually look forward to lifting weights. It also made me not afraid to increase my weights. I was always afraid of gaining too much or looking too masculine from lifting weights...so I always played it safe with my little five pounders or cans of soups. I increased my weights during this program and made it a competition with myself. I plan to buy even heavier weights for this next 30 days! Summer bodies are made in the winter, right?
I have a great group of peeps ready to make the best of their fresh start by being in my online group that starts next monday! Message me and we can chat about it.

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