Sunday, April 26, 2009

Potty Training is underwear...I mean way

We officially started potty training on Saturday! Reece had gone a few times on the potty before and I knew she was ready. It was a rough start...Saturday morning we let her go bottomless and put the potty in between the kitchen and living room. I got a sticker chart and M&Ms for rewards. It took her 5 hours (noon) to go on the potty (it also took me going on the potty and giving myself a sticker and an M&M - hey, I was desperate). She is very strong willed and pretty much refused to go. She didn't go on the floor or anything either. She was complaining that her bladder hurt (she pointed to the area)...I told her if she went it would not hurt anymore...that did not work...nor did taking away the blankie, paci, outside priviledges, going with daddy to the store and farm, seeing the neighbors...but she finally went and after that has continuted to go on her own. There is one problem though...she has to be soon as I put a pair of panties she thinks she is safe. I also think she is not sure how to tell me when she has to go but she is getting better. So when she is bottomless, she just runs over and goes. So hopefully that won't last long. We can't have her being commando all the time...but then again, maybe she takes after her mommy :) The biggest milestone was that she went poo on her own Saturday night before bed. I was busy fixing Brody a bottle and she comes running into the kitchen saying "good job, poo-poo - yea!" and clapping. I was like "no way" and ran to look...sure enough!! I of course was screaming and making the biggest deal out of it as Brock was shutting the windows so the neighbors wouldn't hear...what a sissy! Our first outing was church! I worked nursery so I thought it would be safe to wear the training pants and bring and extra pair along with. I took her to the potty there 3 times and she did not go and ended up going pee in her pants...darn! She went before nap and then refused to wear a diaper to bed. I felt this was a good sign and she did wake up dry from nap Saturday. So I figured we would give it a shot. She did well and woke up dry. We also ventured out for ice cream with panties on and she did fine there too. So potty training is going well so far. We are hoping we are well on our way to having one less child in diapers. I don't mind changing them but it will be nice on the pocketbook!!
She is also doing well with the no paci and blankie rule - the new rule is that they aren't allowed to leave the house. She hasn't asked for them once...unfortunatley as soon as she is tired she runs for them...these pics were taking today right before she went up for nap.

Putting a sticker on the sticker chart.

Clapping for herself.


amber said...

Is that the musical potty you have for Reece? Does it really work? Kids have such fun toys these days... Good luck on the potty training!

Lindsay Bauer said...

Yes, this particular potty plays music when the sensor gets wet...that being said it is annoying that after you wash it out you also need to dry it or else it will keep playing the music (and then you don't know if she went potty again or it's just wet). I am not sure the music is what helps her go although it may work for some...she does get excited when she hears it play but she's probably more in it for the stickers and M&Ms. But all kids are different so I guess it could work for some. It is going great...I can't believe how well she is doing.