Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reece 2, Brody 6 months

This Sunday, Reecey turns 2...I cannot even believe it! Last year on her birthday we announced that being a big sister was soon in her future. I can't believe that on her 2nd birthday her little brother will be 6 months. How are lives have changed since last year! I love watching them grow and they just really love each other!

(My scanner is finally working)
I am shocked at how much they actually resemble each other (look at the eye shape, nose, and mouth). When I look at them separately I don't see it but when looking at this picture, you can totally tell they are brother and sister.
This is the best smile we could get with the two of them. It is so much harder with two. Either one was cheesing and the other one know the drill.

The BIG 2 year old - sooooo innocent, isn't she? Don't let her fool you!

And the big ham....

He's very happy...although working on his bottom teeth.

He's rolling over now and can sit up by himself for a little bit (rolling over, a tooth, and sitting up in a matter of 3 does this happen?? I am scared to see what tomorrow brings!!)

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The Bunn Family said...

I love the new pics! Reece looks like a little doll! Those are great.