Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1st Cornbelter's game

We took the kids to our first Cornbelter's game.  They had a good time and there was plenty to keep them entertained (food and peanuts were part of the entertainments)
Can't go to a game without getting a "dog" and pretzel

She's quite the poser these days for pictures.  This is "serious Hollywood" look/face
Reecey got to meet Corney...she also got to chase a Zebra across the field with like 100 other kids.  And jump in all the "jumping rooms"
She did NOT want to go home...This is called "pouty, dirty, tired" face


Anonymous said...

Isn't she a little too young for a booster seat?

Lindsay Bauer said...

It seems to me that you are good at analyzing and researching things. That being the case, I am surprised you would even have to ask the question and you wouldn't just research it for yourself.
I don't need you to judge and criticize my every move...if that is all your read my blog for then you are a very lonely person.

Product Features
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