Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July weekend

We are having so much fun with the kids this summer.  They are at such a fun age!  The 4th of July weekend was super busy.  Friday we went to Comlara to go to the beach and swim and play on the natural water play park.  The kids had a blast and it's only .50 cents for them to get in (6 and under).  See more info here

Then Friday night we went to Illinois Wesleyan for the "Fun Run".  It's every Friday from May 28th to August 6.  Such a fun and quick event for small children that hopefully will give them a passion for sports and exercise.  See more info here
She did pretty well until we got to the 2nd turn...then she started crying and saying she was so tired.  I think I pushed her too hard...(noooooo...me?  I wouldn't do that!)
When you are done you get a ribbon, cookie and drink from Mcdonalds!
Saturday we took the kids over to Peoria Zoo.

Sunday we had our annual neighborhood party.  This year we took things to a whole new level...a smoke off!  Almost every house smoked their own meat and then we came together with all our meat and sides and shared!  I love that we have other kids in the neighborhood so all the kids could play and have fun together.
It wouldn't be the 4th without watermelon!
They seriously LOVE each other.  Its so great to see them play and love one another!

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