Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random photo opportunities

This week Reece was invited to two birthday parties.   One of them we went to, all the girls were suppose to dress up like a princess of some sort.  We didn't really have a costume for that, but I whipped up this tu-tu before heading out that morning.  Her favorite character from Strawberry Shortcake is Orange Blossom (whom she calls the pretty brown girl)...that is what her "costume" reminded me of.

Here are all the princesses at the party...oh and there were a few princes but only one in the picture
We also went to a Barbie birthday party...look at all the blonde girls! this last one is a doozey.  You know you run off to get your camera alot when your kids are doing fun, silly, or cute things when your daughter yells from the other room "Mom, get your camera!  Bubbie and I are holding hands and smiling...that would be a cute picture!"

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