Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Michigan City, IN Vacation days 4, 5, & 6

The name of our vacation house was called "Lazy Daze"...that was often the theme during our early morning wake up calls.  It was pretty much guaranteed that when one person got up, everyone else got up too.

We enjoyed the beautiful sunshine the remainder of the week.  We went to the pool each morning until lunch or naptime and then the kids went down for naps.  In the evenings we played in the park, rode bikes, played games, etc. 

Daddy came thursday night along with Papa and Uncle Dave.  It was nice to have a few extra hands in there!  Once Brody warmed up to the idea of the pool, he loved it.  All he wanted to do was jump in off the side. 

We had a fun water gun fight!

Friday night while we were away for dinner, a big storm rolled through and knocked out the power from thousands of residents, including us!  Later that night we decided to put as much of our food on ice as possible as to not lose it all.  I cooked a breakfast casserole on the grill the next morning as we had no other option besides running into town for donuts or something else.  We headed to the beach that day regardless.  We decided if it was not back on when we got back that we would all head home after dinner.  Sadly, we all left at 6:15 that evening and there was still no power.  We had a great time despite of that and managed just fine with 6 kids and 8 adults under one roof.  My afternoon shower was icier than the waters of lake Michigan but meant for a closer shave and a wake up call for the afternoon.

Sheridan Beach, IN

Brody loved the sand but screamed when the waters came rushing in.  And once the sand disturbed his lunch and his eyes, he was way over it.  Which meant I was way over it.  We left prematurely and had a date at the pool.

She loved being buried in the sand...and loved running into the waters.  It was a precious site to see her footprints in the sand. 

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