Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Ice cream, ice cream, mommy screams about ice cream!"

YEA!  So...we didn't get a new camera but I was reminded that we do have an old camera.  It's sort of from the ice age but it's still digital and low and behold it has a faster shutter lag than my other camera...oh, and it takes pictures.  So that is our fix for now and I have been finally taking some pictures of the kids!  I also was reminded why we got a new camera and stopped using this age, here, eats batteries.  After taking about 5 pictues, it annoyingly says "warning: battery exhausted".'s exhausted after a few measly pictures...I guess that is why God made mommies to chase after little ones and not cameras...or daddies for that matter :) 

Those of you who really know me, know that messes kind of stress me out a bit.  And that is why these photos were taken outside by a person with a little less bit of the "shakes"...okay, kidding about the last part.  The kids love ice cream but I hate giving it to them because the mess causes some anxiety for the kids on the account of their mother making a big deal about it.  I got these mini cones assuming there would be a "mini" mess and they'd be a faster eat.  I was wrong about both of those but the kids sure enjoyed them.  They didn't enjoy me chasing them all around with a wipe after each bite and drip.  Oh well...we all  have to to learn to let them enjoy it and not worry about the mess...and them to learn to eat it faster and with less mess.  I wonder who will learn faster?  My guess (and secret hope) is the kids!

(just looking at this makes me what to break out a you can tell by Brody's face, he thinks I need to get over it)

Aren't they cute??!!  (The mini cones, of minis seem to have huge messes on their face)


Amanda said...

Reminds me of the Jon & Kate + 8 episode (maybe at disney?) where Kate freaked out about ice cream on their clothes. I mean seriously freaked out and made a huge scene. I was embarrassed for her. I'm sure you arent that bad, but I know I will be the same way. I wipe Raider's face. Watch that episode and you'll never care if they drip again. LOL

Lindsay Bauer said...

Yep, totally saw that episode. I thought she was over the top but I do understand a couple of things...1) kids clothes are expensive and they don't wear them long
2) I know that I can get money out of them at garage a stain can through the sale out the window.
3) I have a child who freaks out about stickyness...she doesn't understand that it is caused by things that until its too late...the melt down of the ice cream causes a meltdown of another kind.