Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catchin Toads and Chasin Butterflies

Today, we found a toad on the side of the house so we got our "bug box" and let him hop inside.  The kids thought it was so awesome.  It was like having our own petting zoo.  Brody would go up to the box and squeel and then roar like a lion.  I tried to teach him "ribbit" but he thought "roaring" was much more fun.  Reece just wanted to pet it like a puppy.

Then we went around to the front of the house where all the pretty flowers are finally blooming.  There we found another toad and some butterflies to chase.  The butterflies were friendly and would even land on us.  The kids would giggle and say it tickled! 

Touching a butterfly and then he flies away...

2 toads...Reece said "this one's a boy, and this one's a girl."  I said "what shall we name them?"  Reece says "Kennedy and Bo-Bo...Kennedy's my best friend and look...Bo-Bo peed"

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