Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

When Reece turned one, we got her one of those little tikes play houses for her b-day.  We put it together and put it on our screened in porch.  We figured that she would play in it being in there and even when it rained she would have something to play in.  Well, that's never's like the house was non-existance. Our screened in porch has seemed clutter and we haven't used it how I had intended to with that house being in there.  So I asked Reece if I moved it outside if she felt like she would play in it more.  She said yes.  So I said "Well, I know that daddy really doesn't want to mow around it and that is why we have never put it in the grass".  She says (being the genius 3 year old that she is) "How about we put it on the bout that, mom?"  What a great idea...and now we can move it out in the grass and back up onto the concrete whenever we went.  So I disassembled the roof and put it back together outside.  The kids love it and it looks so cute out there.  I rearranged my porch and organized all their other outside toys in there!

This is the south side of the house...these stairs will be ripped out later this summer and new concrete ones are going in...also we have been digging all the old rocks and stepping stones (to the west of the car all along side the south side of the house) making way for new concrete.  We are also ripping up the mulch and "ditched" area and building a double decker retaining wall for flowers and garden stuff!  Super excited to see the new look...don't worry, I'm taking before and after pics like usual.
The front of thier cozy cottage.

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Amanda said...

Love the screen porch! You dont find those here.