Thursday, July 22, 2010

Welcome home, Jess part 2

Like clockwork, the kids woke up around 3:30 from their naps.  I figured B & G, and J would be home by 4 since they picked her up at 1 at the St Louis airport.  I had a little bag packed with stuff to get the kids ready over there so as soon as I heard them stirring, I plucked them out of bed for a full on sprint to the neighbors in the rain.  Brody got his milk and a fresh diaper and then I put Reecey's hair in braids. 
Here's Reecey doing her "strong" face (kind of spooky) with  her "Don't mess with Texas" shirt.

We brought over some chips and dip and our favorite boot cups to represent TX style.
And then began the wait by the windows...(Bubbie in his long horns scrub shirt)
Still excited...
Bubbie was getting bored and wanting to go outside and Reece was committed to watching for them.  They didn't understand why we couldn't turn the lights on. 
We stayed from around 4 til 5:30 and then we saw daddy pull in the drive.  We figured we better head home and eat and I was assuming the plane was delayed or they stopped off somewhere.  So we headed home and ate dinner.  After dinner, Bubbie and daddy went to get their ears lowered so Reecey and I headed back over.  We colored and waited from 6 to 7ish.  Then I figured we better get home for baths.  Reecey was upset.  She said "We can't go yet...Jess hasn't come to the party yet!".  I said that maybe they stopped off somewhere and we would just have to see them tomorrow.  We took our bath and were coloring at home with they called us (7:38).  They were home and walked into our surprise!  Reece dropped her colors faster than a Texas shoot off.  We ran over to see them and visit.  They were so surprised and Reece was bouncing off the walls.  It worked well...Jess was the first to enter the house and the streamers hit her in the face.  She screamed thinking she ran into a spider web or something.  Then she saw all of it and asked B&G "Did you do all this for me?  There's a party in here".  B not knowing anything about it said "I don't know what you are talking about" entered and recognized the decorations to be ours...she said "it must have been Linz and the kids".  It turned out they went to a late lunch at the "Hill" in St Louis (it's an Italian thing) and did some shopping before coming home.  We enjoyed cupcakes together and shortly after we made it over, one of the other neighbors popped by and so did Bubbie and Daddy when they returned.  So we had a party after all!

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