Sunday, June 12, 2011

Costa - Day 2 update

For the sake of duplication, I won't be updating the blog with text anymore while we are in Costa. I am updating the team website so you can view it there - - click on team reports, then click on EWO. I will however update pictures here when I can as we can not upload pictures on the other site yet. Those will probably be added later - after we return home.   These pictures are from yesterday and the blog post text that kind of goes along with these is updated on the kuzdas site referenced above.  It took about an hour to upload these pictures.  Not sure how often I will be able to do this!

This was one of the games the kids were playing when we arrived at LaFinca.  I think the goal was to get the most flour on one person but am not sure.

 "Marco" with the kids

 Another game with the kids - they had to race to eat the pineapple the fastest - there were two lines

 Here's part of our team lining up to do the slip and slide (from left to right: Ellie A, Mo K, Ellie K, Brandis U, Spencer P, Caleb U, Rod)
Perry with "Arthur"

 Mark explaining the egg game - He threw the eggs high in the air and everyone had to try and catch it without it breaking

 Lining up for Bethany's egg crushing birthday tradition

 More birthday egg crushing
 Slip and slide fun - "mas, mas" means more, more...they shouted this as they were piling on backs
 Costa kids saying their verses
 Our youth hiding candy and pencils like an egg hunt at Easter - for the Costa kids
 Costa kids looking for their "treasures"
 Some of our ministry supplies
 Preparing salvation bracelets

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