Thursday, June 16, 2011

Costa Day 6

The women of Costa Rica never get a treat such as women serving them lunch and having a room all decorated for just them.  The invite was just for women but they still brought their kids and make them wait outside!  In the US this seems impossible.  I even saw a little girl sitting in a car while her mother was inside at the store. 

We brought no decorations but found some tissue paper and white napkins.  I made these flowers like I did for Reecey's birthday party.  The women loved them so much that I showed them all how to make them after the lunch.  They couldn't believe how easy it was.  Tomorrow they are going to use these flowers for a baby shower.

 The ladies brought their kids hoping we could feed them.  We told them they had to wait until we fed all the women first.  So glad we had enough food for them.
 These gourmet cake balls were a real treat for the women. 
 Jennnifer and I singing our duet.
 Singing my solo part
 Cathy doing the devotion with translator Bethany Fisher
 It rained all day today...very muddy wall work.

Our assembly line for the gift bags for the women

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