Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Costa Rica update days 3 & 4

A few of my own thoughts separate from the www.kuzdas.com site. 

It's hard to complain here...when you ask a child what they had to eat for breakfast and it was just a piece of bread...when you ask a child when was the last she's seen her father and she says she doesn't remember. Even here, we are blessed with 3 big meals a day, a warm shower, and a nice bed.  I don't think I have made it one day without breaking down into tears.  The love these child desire and the love they give to all of us even though they don't know us, is too sweet for words.  It's amazing how many of the children want the glasses because it is something they can take care of - a material possession because they have nothing.

I have been known as the mother hen around here..."the organized one"...the hair braider...the runner. I guess this probably doesn't surprise most of you as you know I am like that at home.  I do alot of things I would at home but at about 10 times the pace.  You won't see me in many pictures because I am usually the one behind the camera.  Hopefully that will change.  I get teased for being so organized and on top of things, but I know they really appreciate it as I got a round of applause last night that I was totally not expecting for all my hard work.  I don't deserve any of it...we all work hard.  I am just doing what needs to be done and using the skills that God thankfully gave me.   Here are a few additonal pictures. 

This is Allison and her new glasses.  She was so shy.  After she got her glasses, she went back to class quietly.  Twenty minutes later when school got out, she came back and tapped me on the shoulder.  She asked me so quietly if she was allowed to take them home with her.  It was too sweet.

 Really long line in the first school from Monday.
 This is Perry and Fransico (Franseesco)...she told Perry he reminded her of her father.  When we asked her the last time she saw him, she said "I don't remember".  Perry did all he could to fight back the tears.  He couldn't do it though.  He finally stepped out where I saw him sobbing by the front gate.  Luckily this little girl goes to Mark's church so we've seen her all week.  She's so sweet.
 This is the front door to the school.  They don't even get to go outside and play at recess.
 Here are the guys and Ellie K digging the trench.
 This was the line at La Finca (Mark's church - Mark is in the blue shirt).  They are waiting in line for the eye clinic. 
 Such a sweet old couple who both got glasses.  They kissed us.  They were so appreciative.
 This was the school we went to today (Tuesday)
 A group of pre-schoolers who all got glasses together
 A line of preschoolers/kindergartners
 This little girl had horrible vision (-4.00).  She was so happy to see!
 Such a sweet picture of her and Mark.

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