Saturday, June 11, 2011

We're in Costa!

We are here!  We left yesterday at 9am from EWO and headed to Chicago.  We were suppose to fly out at 2:55 but it ended up delayed and we didn't fly out til after 4pm.  We flew into Mexico City and just barely made the flight the next flight to Costa.  There was a bad storm in Costa and they were concerned with landing. They waited for clearance and if we couldn't get it we would be flying on to Panama...thank God that we got clearance to land in Costa.  I was shocked that our actual air time was around 6 hours!  We arrived around midnight but due to our delayed flight, 10 of our bags remain in Mexico City.  Some of these are personal but most of them are our ministry items - including the tools and supplies needed for our eye clinics!  Please be in prayer that they arrive today.  We were told they will come on a flight tonight and arrive at midnight (they only have one flight from Mexico City to Costa and it's the 9pm flight).  Pray, pray, pray!!  Mark said he's never had a team come and not have bags missing, so he is experienced with this.

We got to bed around 2am.  I am rooming with 3 other girls - we have a bunk bed and then a full size bed and also a bathroom in our room.  It is much nicer than I expected.  I will post pictures later.  I took a freezing cold shower this morning and we can't flush toilet paper though!  So thankful I had a nice bed to sleep in!

Since we don't have our supplies we are going to do some fun things this morning.  We already did some planning things for the week this morning and our praying hard for our bags with our ministry items to arrive.  We were suppose to do an eye clinic this afternoon and as of 8am we called to reschedule for tomorrow.  Mark said at 8am there were already people standing in line waiting for the eye clinic that wasn't suppose to start until 1!  There are 40,000 people that live there and have never gotten their eyes checked.  That makes me so sad.  Excited to see what God is up to!! 
I obviously have internet access and they even have a phone that I can use for free!  We are way blessed~

Today we are going to Los Guido to have fun with some kids.  We are doing some fun water slide/slip and slide with them!  We are celebrating Bethany's birthday today in La Finca.  We will be breaking eggs over her head - this is a tradition - the number of eggs depends on your age.  Bethany is serving here for the next 9 months from our church.  Pictures later!!

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