Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Almost walking

It's funny...I already had used the title "almost walking" when I was documenting all of Reece's firsts. It's kind of sad this time reporting that my baby is almost walking. He can stand up all by himself (from a sitting position) which means he is pretty strong and probably capable of walking. Reece never stood on her own until after she was already walking. I remember her crawling to something, pulling up on it, and then walking away...so Brody is on his way!

He is getting quite the personality. He is told "no" so much (mostly by his big sister - aka other mommy) that he says it back quite frequently. When he says it, I am unsure if it was him or Reece because they sound so much alike. He also loves it when daddy comes home from work. When I tell him that he is home, he crawls to the door and waits...squeeling with joy and yelling da-da. He loves playing with Reece. If she is still sleeping when he gets up, he gets bored and is so excited when he sees her. He currently says "ssssss" for sissy or Reece. She makes him belly laugh and it brings tears to my eyes. He totally adores her. I think she's pretty wild about him too. Every time we are in public, the first thing she says is "this is my little brother" as she puts her arm around him...HEAVEN on earth, I tell you! He can also say "ut-oh" and he ewwws and ahs over things, especially lights.

He's a total boy...loves trucks, tractors, balls...anything that moves. He hates grocery shopping or shopping in general and gets bored easily.

He also got his first real hair cut about a week ago.

Here he is standing...looking for sissy's approval...see the way he looks at her? (new hair cut in these pictures)

Loves to play

Ready to take a step

Walking behind the push toy