Monday, December 21, 2009

Update on Reece

Reece...she's such a ham and a social butterfly. She loves getting ready like mommy. She is loving hearing about the holiday season. We have been faithful about doing our advent calendar and talking about each character and what part they played in Jesus's birth. She also has been faithful about practicing singing happy birthday to Him. She talks so much...I just can't believe all that she picks up on and repeats. Yesterday at church she saw a lady using crutches. When we got home and were eating lunch she says (with a look of worry on her face), "Mommy, that lady hurt her foot...she had no shoe on". I said "Yeah, I think she fell down and broke it. It should heal just fine and she'll be okay". She says "No, mom, she needs new batteries". Don't we wish it was all that easy?

Although embarrassing for me, I had to put it on here...we love doing our hair together. Reece combs my hair every night and puts barrettes, "ponies", and "curlies" in (curlers that aren't hot of course).

She is fascinated with pregnant ladies. She always tells me that her baby is coming out...I really pray that she does not say things like that in public. I really do tell her way too much. So this is her pretending she is pregnant.

I think this is all of her headbands...on all at once. She goes to extremes sometimes...She also loves her pajamas and refuses to wear regular clothes when we are home. So that is why you keep seeing the same clothes in pictures. We only have so many pajamas...

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