Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Decor

We started putting up the Christmas Decorations and we had so much fun! Reece loved to help. Reece's first Christmas, we got her the Elf on a Shelf Christmas Tradition but this is the first year she understands what is going on. Our Elf's name is Ralphie and he shows up every morning in a new location. He watches over her and reports back to Santa at night if she's been naughty or nice. Each morning it is fun to watch her search the house to find where he is. To see more about the tradition you can go to www.elfontheshelf.com I just love him...he's sooo cute!

Here's Ralphie on the first day...just part of the family

Reece actually put ornaments on the tree this year as opposed to taking them off...

She was very excited to help (still her in jammies)

Here's Brode saying "ewww, ahhhh"

Looks like he's helping but he was trying to take them off. After saying no the first whole day, he doesn't touch it now.