Monday, December 21, 2009

Update on Brody

Brody is 14.5 months...he started walking 2 weeks ago right when he turned 14 months. One day it just happened...he did 2 steps one day, then 4 the next...that turned into 1/2 a dozen here and there. And now he is full blown walking all over the place. He loves it and so does Reece. She is so use to hearing me cheer when he walks, that she does it too. He laughs so hard when he is walking that he falls down. It's pretty funny. And I am super excited that I got his first steps on camera. If I knew how to put them on the blog I would. He is also starting to say several words and pointing at things. He loves to dance and shake his head (usually in the "no" direction from seeing it often). His favorite word is "NOPE!" I know his sister tells him this often when he is getting into something that she feels is hers (I'd say 9 times out of 10 the item is his anyways) or just when she is trying to be his 2nd mommy. He is at such a fun age and I am really loving it. It is so fun to see all through his little innocent eyes.

He loves to eat off of his sister's tray...even though he just ate the same thing and got done first. Pretty much twice a week this plate ends up on the floor. Can't leave the room!

They already have winter they are looking out the window like a bunch of puppies.

Brody has loved playing in the dog food for the past 6 months. Last night I found him putting some in his dump creative!

Daddy got these Tony Stewart ear muffs at the farm show a couple of weeks ago. His hope is for Brody to wear these at his first monster truck show. My hope is that this will be awhile. For now, I will put them to practice when I want some peace around here. They were so heavy they made his eyes droop!

Brody loves getting in and out of the rocking chair to look out the window. Here he is making his favorite "ewwww" sound. He's so excited doing things on his own.

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