Thursday, March 11, 2010

4 generations

Sunday I had the honor of eating with my grandma G and my family at her nursing home for a brunch.  My grandpa G past away just over a year ago.  He was a pastor of 40 years and he and my grandma G have been huge godly examples in my life. I love them dearly!  They started living in the nursing home a few years ago when my grandpa health started failing and my grandma was having a hard time caring for him.  He had a few strokes and didn't walk well.   He fell alot and my grandma as frail and thin as she is, was unable to lift him.  She often had to call my dad and even 911 just so they could come and pick him up...many times waiting so long that he wet himself on the floor...we knew then it was time for some help.  They have a nice room at a nursing home...the nursing home where Grandpa use to preach once a month on Sundays (as long as 20 years ago).  They know many people there.  I remember as a kid going there to watch my grandpa preach and to sing and play trombone with him (yes, I played the trombone for 11 years).  So God was at work in their lives even then when they "worked" there. 

It was time I put my couponing to good use.  I put together a care package for my grandma of things she could use.  The nursing home supplies her meals, toilet paper, and laundry needs but she needed other things that Social Security is just not covering.  The bag of goodies cost me under $5 and included: paper towels, toothpaste, body wash, kleenex, air freshner, body lotion, and some snack items for her room. 

Here is a sweet picture from my visit:  Reece, me, mom, Grandma G.

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