Thursday, March 11, 2010


I know it's been awhile since I have written but I am praying about what to write about next.  We have been really busy the past week.  I let my house go so that I could concentrate on the conference which was last weekend and then I have been working on Reece's upcoming b-day party.  This week I have been catching up on cleaning and other things I let go of last week.  And we have been battling colds...all of us.  Anyways, I feel God leading me to share what I shared with the young girls at the conference last weekend.  But I am praying and asking for clarity and direction as to what exactly to write and show before doing so.  I don't want it to be hurtful or offensive to anyone so just asking for prayer on this one. 

I was lucky to have my mother in law sit in on one of the sessions.  It was very sweet and we had a very sweet conversation afterwards.  I remember when I married into the family thinking "I really need this family" and the Lord said "no you don't...all you need is me".  I didn't really believe Him but as I submitted to that and let the Lord lead my life, I couldn't believe the results.  I always prayed for a good relationship with my mother in law and sisters in law for the past few years.  All I was asking for was a good relationship but what He delivered was SOOO much more.  I never could have thought it would be as amazing as it is.  We have obviously been placed together for a reason all according to His plan for our lives.  They need me as much as I need them! :)  Love you C, J, & J!! XXOO

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