Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reece almost 3

Reece is almost 3...isn't it amazing?  I have been busy working on her 3rd birthday party.  Coming up with a theme was more difficult this year as she has opinions.  But she is still flexible and will go along mostly with what I say and choose.  Before she was even born we were calling her Reecey Piecey (secretly of course as no one knew her name) I decided this year would be perfect to do a "candy style" theme for her party featuring Reese's Pieces...and her favorite candy is M&Ms so we will be doing a combo of things.  Her party isn't unti 4/11 so I don't want to give away any of the surprises, but since the invite went out Monday, I'll at least show you those because I am really proud of them and think they turned out super cute (gotta give credit to my girl, L for helping me with software that writes in a circle; and my girl S for circle cutters - thanks, chicks!!).  You probably can't see the writing too well but that's's just the cheesey details of the party.  I wanted it to be in white ink but apparently printers don't have white ink??  What's up with that?

The only other thing I'll give away for the party is that the cupcakes are going to look like M&Ms but with the letter R of course and all different colors like M&Ms.  And of course there will be lots of candy in fun candy jars!! 

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Amanda said...

Sounds like a super yummy party, can I come?! LOL Great job on the invites. Can I hire you in a couple years?