Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reece 3 years, Brody 1.5 years

Well, it's that time of year again when we do our annual inexpensive Portrait Innovations pics...It's a cheap, quick and easy way to get some decent pics of both kids.  Although, easy wasn't quite the word I could use this year.  With two kids being mobile and having emotions, it was a little harder to capture good shots of them together.  And acutally I went in the morning and had to come back in the afternoon because the morning photo shoot did not go least for Brody.  I didn't feel I need to be in the picture as much as he did.  When we came back for round 2, he seemed to remember the place and felt a lot more comfortable.  They're not the greatest but hey, we got a couple of keepers.  And again, they are
Reece will be 3 on April 5th and Brody will be 18 months on April 7.

Reece is just such a character.  She is so loving and I just hope it continues.  I try to encourage her loving behavior because I don't want her to feel she can't express her emotions.  She tells me everyday that I am her best friend and I never stop loving hearing that.  When I am gone and come home she says "Mommy!  You're back!  I'm so happy to see you!"  She is becoming such a big girl.  I can't believe the many things she notices and says.  She doesn't miss anything.  I took her shopping the other day and she was going through racks of clothes saying "Oh....this one's cute!  How about this one mommy...try this one on...oh, that's just beautiful".  She also tells Brody that he's "just precious" and calls him "sweet tart" (meaning sweet heart).  The other night Brock started the bath and was bathing Brody.  Reece runs in naked and pushes him and says "I can't want you to give me a bath!  I want mommy to do it...she's my best friend, not you!"  I was laughing and crying at the same time.  I did tell her that she could have more than one best friend and that daddy should be her best friend too.  She said "No, I can't like daddy".  Poor daddy!  She's such a girl...very dramatic when happy or sad!

Brody is babbling more and more and is also very detail oriented like his sister.  He is loving being able to walk outside this year.  He loves his momma too!  He is very cautious, unlike his sister, but it's a bit of a relief.   Reece is an accident waiting to happen most of the time and I am a little more relaxed around Brody.  He really doesn't get hurt because he is very cautious, slow, and checks everything out first...most of the time waiting for my nod of approval.  And I thought the first child was suppose to be the people pleaser??  There aren't many times I have had to tell Brody "no" more than once.  He does not like to be punished.  Also NOT like his sister...with her I feel like I am constantly explaining why we do or don't do certain things and most punishments are no big deal to her.  It's amazing how different they are! 

I love that they are both cuddle bugs.  I always stop for my hugs and kisses from them!  I am afraid if I don't stop for one, I'll never get one again.  We are very blessed that we have such good children.  So far they are polite, loving, obedient, and good in public!  I love being with them each day!

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