Monday, August 30, 2010

Day of the Dozer

On Saturday, I had a little date with Brody.  We went to the Day of the Dozer at the Interstate Center where he could ride on different types of construction type vehicles.  He absolutely loved it!  It was a perfect way to prepare for his "construction" birthday party coming up next month!

He loved the construction hat and wore it the entire time we were there (an hour and a half or so)

The "driver" went around in circles in this thing like an amusement park ride
We waited in line for an hour to ride on the dozer...taking a milk break.  Brody was so content the whole time we were there.  He just sat in the stroller and watched everything.

Getting on the dozer...I had more pictures of this on my phone since my camera's battery died...guess you can't transfer those to your computer?  He was all smiles on this one!

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