Monday, August 30, 2010

Park #12 - Ewing Park

Last year, I took the kids to a different park each week and did a little park review.  I hadn't planned on doing anymore but we went to a park that we hadn't been to before so I thought I would put it on here.

We went to Ewing Park with some friends.  It's a nice little park and it has a bathroom!  I didn't go inside but it was an actual building and not a port a potty or a bush :)  This park had a some really nice trails towards the back that we went exploring on.  It's small and sweet and had plenty of shade and some sun spots too!  It had a pavillion out front and also some picnic tables under the shade trees.

Here's the info I got from Bloomington Parks website -

6.2 acre park located next to historic Ewing Castle in central Bloomington. Mature, native trees provide an excellent shaded area in the summer. Trail head to Hedge Apple Woods Natural Area.

1420 Towanda Avenue

•drinking fountain


•nature area

•picnic tables

•playground equipment



•walking path

•6.2 acres

Pictures of us at the park

The girls walking on the trails
Cool stuff on the trails

A view of the park from the entrance to the trails (see, how big it is!)

Leaving for McDonalds (with my piggy bank...I promise, you can ask Kim!)

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