Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Rising Stars

I often try to update you on things we are doing...well, more specifically what the kids are into. I don't go back and read previous posts so I know sometimes I may duplicate things I have already said. That's just a disclaimer to what I will write next.

Reece...Reece is into all sorts of things...her favorite shows are Yo Gabba Gabba and Dora (just this week). Her favorite movie right now is Wizard of Oz (or Busy Boz is the way we understand it) took us awhile to figure out what she was saying. We have decided on waiting til she is 4 to put her into a formal preschool, so her and I have been working on things at home to hopefully get her ahead of the game. Each week (sometimes more often) we work on 2 letters of the alphabet. I do not do these in order in hopes that she will recognize them in any order. Letters she knows so far are: G, O, R, B, K, H, I, and M. When she sees the letters she associates them with words we use to describe the letters. So for example when she sees the letter R she says "that's me"...meaning that's the letter that starts her name. She sees K and she says "that's kite" or "Kennedy"...she sees B and immediatley says "that's Brody" and my most favorite is when she sees's "that icky". For each letter, I try to think of a person, animal, color, and shape that starts with the letter. She can say the alphabet but can't pick them all out when she sees them yet. We have 3 sets of flash cards that we use so that she can see them differently. She loves combing my hair and putting lotion on me...and well, I'm not going to argue! Oh, and PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE - we have no more pacis!!! It's been a week and a half and she is doing great. The paci hasn't been able to leave her room for about 8 months and I was okay with that until her mouth always had a nasty rash around it. So we just did it cold turkey and told her we were giving her paci to the "Paci Princess" to give to all the new babies that come into the world. Since she is facinated with new babies, this was okay with her! She also loves her new Sunday school class (which mommy teaches once a month) and learning about all God had done for us! Each night we read a devotional bed time story as well.

Brody is talking more and more. He says things like "what's that" and points and "all aboard" (they both love trains). He is getting into garbages, pots and pans, etc. He is now tall and strong enough to climb on the couch. So we have learned the hard way to not leave a drink on the end table. Lukily I drink mainly water, but my couch and floor have had their fair share of crystal lite and soda.

I took the kids to Rising Stars Academy for an open "gym" type thing they have occasionally. It was an hour of free reign. Reece LOVED it, Brody HATED it. I can't wait to enroll her in gymnastics hopefully this fall.

She's a dare devil

In the foam pit

Boing, boing, boing...

This was at the end and the only thing Brody would go near...of course - a ball! He's such a boy!

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