Friday, January 22, 2010

Starbucks Rewards Program

I thought I would pass along this deal Starbucks has going on since I have a lot of friends that find theirselves driving through the drive through on their way to work. I personally have not taken part in this because I can only afford it like every 6 months! Read all about the program that results in free drinks by clicking here. (not sure why but this link is not working...go to and find her 1/20 posts)

I shared a funny couponing story with a friend and she encouraged me to put it on the blog. So if you're bored and want to read something that is half way amusing, here I told you about the Neosporin lip balm I got in which Walgreen's paid me $1. I should have shared the conversation that took place between I and the Walgreen's cashier. I put my 2/$8 Neosporin lip balms on the counter and gave him my 2 - $3 off coupons. The deal was, you buy the 2 and you get $3 back on Register Rewards (aka - cash back on your next purchase). As you can see, this would result in me getting a dollar back. The cashier says - "I am not sure the computer will take both of these coupons". I say "Sure, it will...why wouldn't it?"...He says, "Because that means I will owe you a dollar" and I say "Well, yeah, I know..." DUH! He scans it and works and he is surprised and I grin walking out with my 2 free lip balms and $3 RR in my hand!! :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, I just got a free oatmeal with any toppings in the mail this week because of the program.

The Shorts said...

I have to tell you how much I LOVE your family pic! It is so good!!!