Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Boredom Fun

Made home made brownies thanks to Hershey's...she loves to lick the spoon!

Fun with tents...gotta love tent head

I think B copies off his sister too much. But, hey, bribery a few years down the road, right?

He made up for it later when he decided to use his tools instead.


Laura said...

I LOVE that new picture of Brody on the sidebar! I just noticed it today! Darling!!

Winter is boring - I'm SO ready for spring!! :)

Lindsay Bauer said...

Thanks, Laura! That was one of his 1 year b-day pics. We did sock monkey theme. Thought I should update the kids pictures from their newborn ones. Sad to see it go though! :( Hope all is well with you!

Amanda said...

We have pics of my little brother playing dress-up with us. So far we haven't threatened to use them. At least they get along!