Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Meal Idea - Ground Turkey, rice/quinoa, sauteed veggies

This is my favorite go-to lunch!  I could eat it every day and I'm gonna this week!


16 oz seasoned ground turkey
1 red pepper, cut up
1 orange pepper, cut up
1 zucchini, cut up
1/2 of a red onion, cut up
(Of course you can do any combination of veggies but I just like this combo.)
Coconut Oil
Red Inca Quinoa**
Brown long grain rice**
4 lunch containers

Cook the seasoned ground turkey and divide it between the 4 lunch containers (3/4 cup each).
Saute the veggies in a little coconut oil, divide between the 4 lunch containers (1 1/4 cup each).
Cook all the rice and quinoa, mix together and divide 1/2 of a cup between the 4 lunch containers.
Freeze the rest. The best in my opinion is to mix all of the ingredients yummy!

**I cook all my rice and quinoa at once. I freeze it in a container.  It is very easy to portion out, even from a frozen state.  This will last me about a month probably.

 Cook the rice.
Cook the quinoa.
Rice & quinoa mixture, ready to freeze! 

Leave a comment if you've tried this, what veggies did you use?

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