Tuesday, March 3, 2015

See the difference...try Shakeology

Feeling like you have done everything you could and you can't lose weight? Can't feel better? Hit a plateau?? Have a condition that makes this all difficult...like PCOS...Thyroid... endometriosis...high blood pressure? There are lots of products on the market that people try to help all of these issues. What people are finding is that most of these will help them instantly and for a little while, and then it's like they become immune to it and they no longer see results with whatever they are trying. And that is where I think Shakeology is different. It gets better with time. Some people find immediate benefits for sure (more energy is one). But the longer you are on it, the better it tastes, the healthier you become...your skin changes...you become more regular (yes, in the bathroom), your nails and hair grow. When I didn't see immediate benefits, I gave up too. Then when I couldn't break through my plateau and I couldn't figure it out, I tried Shakeology again. And I stuck with it...every.single.day. I have been consistent with it and I haven't been sick in over a year. I have seen my friends with PCOS, thyroid, and endo having success. It's not a scam. It's priced appropriately based on what is in it. 70 whole foods. 30 superfoods. You get what you pay for. What would it mean to be off medications? Maybe you tried shakeology before and you didn't like it. Try another flavor...try a different recipe. If you want a change, it's worth it. Hopefully you know me well enough to know I wouldn't stick it out if I didn't KNOW it worked. It works and I am so happy to see my friends feeling well enough to be off meds!

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