Friday, March 13, 2015

Stop Dieting!

For the LOVE…Stop dieting! The diet industry rakes in $55 billion a year on weight loss products!!! They watch you swallow, count points, and sell you a “magic pill”. Diets are bull…they don’t work. The industry makes money when you fail and have to start again. When you diet, you are skipping the most important parts: figuring out the reasons why you overeat and turn to food in the first place and finding out how to eat and exercise correctly….decide to change. It’s not about a diet…it’s about you. Sometimes all that is missing is your support. Let me support you…from me you will get dialed in nutrition, support, and simple work outs and see life lasting results. I don’t support diet plans…I support a LIFE-long commitment to what is real, whole, and simple. It’s really that simple. Message me for more info! 

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