Friday, March 6, 2015

Update on the kids

The kids are doing great.  We are plugging away on all our school work and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  They are growing and changing in the way they look...mainly because of all the teeth they have lost. 
Reece is a smarty and asks a lot of questions.  She wants to know about everything and questions EVERYTHING.  Brody is our funny guy.  Always out to make everyone laugh.  He is very sweet to his sister and looks out for her.  Both are VERY social and creative.  We are all ready for warmer weather.  We are outside people and love to play and do things outside.  We have a couple of camping trips booked for the summer already!
Tonight we went to the home show.  There were lots of things for the kids to do like...
Get their face painted, balloons, and give aways.
It didn't take Brody long to get bored and start entertaining people with his sense of humor.

Oh, and Reece requested curly hair so I braided it while it was wet...just like my mom did when I was a kid! I can't believe she will be eight in a month!

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