Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shakeology Spotlight: What IS a Supernutrient? Anyone?

By now you've probably heard of Supernutrients. I hope you have, because I've posted several of them on my Shakeology page.  Well, it turns out most people (even Beachbody employees!) don't really know what they are! 

So you are not alone, Supernutrients are a relatively new concept for most people. 
Here is what the Shakeology blog has to say about them:

What is a Supernutrient?
Supernutrients are powerful nutritional components within superfoods that provide vital health benefits. Basically, they are the parts of superfoods that actually cause the foods to be “super.” For example, a bilberry is a superfood. One of the components of bilberries (which are an ingredient of Shakeology) that make them “super” is anthocyanins, which help support eye health. Therefore, anthocyanins are one of bilberry’s supernutrients. Got it? Great! Shakeology has a smorgasbord of supernutrients in its ingredients, which is why you really do get your daily dose of dense nutrition with each delicious glass.

There you have it, click here to order  or leave me a comment if you're interested in trying Shakeology! 

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