Friday, February 27, 2015

A Trip to the Dells

Got the opportunity to take a mini vacation with some other moms I homeschool with. Had about 5 hours notice to get all our stuff packed and go!! Again my favorite benefit to homeschooling and entrepreneurship! Brought all our school work...but most importantly I brought my weights and workout to stay committed to my challenge group.
We brought all the kids school work and did that every morning before hitting the pool.  We had 8 kids but this was a 4 bedroom suite with 4 bathrooms and a large kitchen/dining room/living room.  We had plenty of room and brought all our own food.  I got the priviledge of doing our morning devotion.  We focused on patience which was key for us this week as we waited in line and had a long walk to the parks each day.  We really had a fun time!!

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