Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fear Not.

I've been afraid of stuff all my life! Fears of saying the wrong thing...fears of what others will think...fear of dying...fear of failing...fears of being uncomfortable. But not anymore! Something has clicked with me and I can't even explain it or tell you how to achieve it. I'm just finally free of all those fears. I've decided that it was holding me back. And what others think doesn't really matter. What matters I doing the right thing for me and my family? So here... it is: I love Jesus and the freedom he has given me. I love homeschooling my kids and thankful I have that freedom and that God has qualified me (even when I don't feel qualified). Is it easy? No. I love coaching others and showing them they can live THEIR best life. It might not look like yours or mine...but each person can live their best life according to what they want. So I'm here to say: Trample those fears and Be the best version of you!

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