Friday, February 6, 2015

Week 2 Cleaning List

This is week 2 cleaning list.  You can copy and paste it into a word document and make it your own.  Week 2 focuses on the kitchen.  Yes, you should be cleaning up your kitchen daily even when it is not week 2, but these are just more in depth ways to clean and organize your kitchen each month to keep it running smoothly.  It is not intended that you complete the whole thing during week 2.  Just pick a few tasks each day and set a timer for 10 minutes or so and get done what you can.  Date them, then next month you will know where you left off. 

Week 2: Kitchen
Date last completed
Kitchen Counters detail
Wipe down walls
Sink Faucet detailed (with toothbrush)
Window sills & Baseboards
Detailed floor scrub
Large Appliances
Door Knobs/switch plates
Cabinets/knobs wipe down
Trash can
Look up – cob webs/lights/above cabinets
Small appliances (toaster, microwave, coffee maker, can opener, etc)
Rubbermaid drawer organize
Pantry – go through and throw away, wipe down, organize
Windows (1x a year)
Air/heat vents/filters (1X per year)
Clean out fridge
Lazy susan/Spice rack (1x per year)
Junk drawer
Medicine cabinet
Wash Rugs

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