Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Transformation Tuesday!

So you know how you try something and you love it and you tell everyone you know about it?  That is how I am feeling right now about something…and if I don’t tell you about it and offer it to everyone I know, I am really doing you a disservice.  My team is AMAZING.  Each of them brings something really special to the team.  We don’t work alone.  That’s why it’s called a team.  We work really hard together and our heart is in this thing to help people and change lives. I think the message is skewed sometimes.  But what we do only has a small piece to do with body transformations.  While body transformations most definitely happen along the way, what I see happening most is the mind and heart transformations.  With Wellness Warriors…it’s all about your health and wellness as a WHOLE.  We deliver the whole package.  There is no magic pill or special diet or plan.  It’s a lifestyle choice that we help you achieve.  Do we fail?  Yes, we are humans too.  But we keep each other motivated and accountable.  And best of all we laugh and have a good time.  We have made lasting friendships that I cannot even describe.  This company has only scratched the surface of a body transformation for me.  For me, it’s the transformation of my mind and heart that have made the biggest change in my life.  And no work out has done that for me (I am not talking about yoga here). Im just talking about the choice to be happy in my own skin…no matter what that may look like.  Im talking about the choice to let go of fears and going for what I want. If this all sounds like something you want ask yourself…Why not me?  You want to change lives?  You want to be your own boss? You want to travel?  You want to have fun and long lasting deep relationships?  Then this truly is for you.  Yes, it might be scary, but so what.  Im telling you that the rewards are so much greater than any of those fears I had.  So if you have been wondering about what we do, join me this week in our coach open house to see what its all about.  You don’t have to have a certificate (we provide training)…you don’t have to be at your ideal goal weight…There are no strings…just read and watch and listen and decide for yourself if this is something you want. Then you have to choose. We would love to have you!!!

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