Saturday, February 7, 2015

What exactly is a SERVING of Veggies?

Here are some examples of a serving of vegetables using different veggies.  Try to get 3-4 of these day!

1 Serving of Veggies


1 cup cooked broccoli, spinach, zucchini, string beans or *2 cups raw


2-3 cups salad greens

5 cherry tomatoes or ½ of a large tomato

½ bell pepper

1 sliced cucumber

3 celery stalks

½ cup cooked Brussels sprouts

12 asparagus spears

10 red radishes

½ ear of corn or 1/3 cup corn

1/3 cup cooked peas

1 cup cooked mushrooms or *2 cups raw

¾ cup cooked pea pods

1 large raw carrot or 8 raw baby carrots



Quick Tip:

When it comes to produce, the deeper the color, the more nutrients. Choose wisely!

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