Monday, February 2, 2015

Simple & Clean, Healthy Tacos (21 day fix approved!)

2lbs of ground beef
1 cup or more of chopped Kale/Carrot mixture
Home made taco seasoning - found here

Greek Yogurt (instead of sour cream)
Avocado (instead of cheese)
Black beans
Lettuce (not iceburg)
Soft corn tortillas

Cook ground beef. Chop veggies in a food processor. Add chopped veggies to meat until soft.  Add home made seasoning.  Add your toppings.

One taco will get you:
1 red (meat and greek yogurt)
1 blue (avocado)
1 yellow (black beans, and one corn shell)
1 green (lettuce, tomatos, and veggies in meat)
1 orange (olives)

You could have two tacos for dinner, but would depend on what you had the rest of the day. One red is definitely a lot of meat for one taco.  1 yellow is usually 2 shells but with the black beans and if you had rice, that would put you over. You'll have plenty of meat to do repeat on another night!

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