Thursday, February 19, 2015

Just say No to other peoples piles of crap!

My theme lately has been drowning out negativity and being confident enough in yourself to not worry about what other people think. A lot of people have objections or are just negative in general about the concept of what I do. Thankfully I read a lot of positive things each day to help me combat all the negativity. I read the following this morning and it made me laugh out loud in my quiet dark house…so it is worthy of sharing. Now I have changed the wording so that it is a little more appropriate for social media I have summarized it…seriously, it’s worth reading. You could actually be one of those people who don’t care what other people think of them. Those people aren’t unicorns. They really do exist. And you can really be one of them. Decide that it is a fact that the other person’s feelings about you have absolutely nothing to do with you. It has no bearing on your self-worth or who you are as a person. You are giving this other person a lot of power when you allow what they think and say affect your self-worth. You are just handing it over as it if rightly belongs to him or her…and it doesn’t. The writer asks “If someone had a big pile of crap in their arms and tried to give it to you, would you take it? Or would you say “no thank you. That’s your pile of crap and I don’t want it.” Now what if you think of other people’s opinions, judgments, and criticisms in the same way? It’s their pile of crap, and you have the choice whether to take it from them or not. Duh. Don’t take it!


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